HostMySite Shines Customer Spotlight on Bryan Klugh of VisionLine Media

Bryan Klugh of VisionLine Media with Testimonial

Recently we reached out to Bryan Klugh of VisionLine Media to do a health check, and we got great feedback! We share his testimonial and thought you would like to know more about this loyal HostMySite Customer.

Bryan, please tell about VisionLine Media and what you do?
VisionLine Media is a web design company based in Haddon Height, New Jersey. We have clients that range from sole-proprietors to Fortune 500 Companies. Our portfolio of work is extensive and supports many different industries. As we are located in southern New Jersey we are able to service clients anywher in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York.

I’m a managing partner and work with each client to create a customized website plan including project management plans. It’s very rewarding to help clients achieve their online web presence increased revenues.

Can you provide some examples of the websites you’ve produced or designed for clients?
Sure, just to name a few:

Chefs Cut Real Jerky
  Grande Kaffe Coffee
Palmieri Electric
  Naimoli Construction


Tell us more about yourself Bryan.
I graduated from Temple University’s Advertising program and I’ve been working in the technology field for over 15 years! I live in South Jersey with my wife and two children. I enjoy Eagles football, politics, and good food.

How long have you been in business and how has it grown?
We started in 2001 by a group of entrepreneurs. Growth has been phenomenal! After 14 years, we’ve represented hundreds of clients, including a number of nationally recognized brands.

How long have you been hosting with HostMySite?
Since we’ve been in business we’ve been Hosting with HostMySite, and that’s almost 15 years!

How has HostMySite helped?
Well the best thing is how personal we’ve got to be with HostMySite staff. We are on a first name basis with most of the techs. The support staff often identify problems without having to ask us a ton of questions. HostMySite has taken the time to know our business and understand the services we provide for our clients. They have totally understood our hosting needs as we’ve grown and made great recommendations for when we’ve needed to expand our hosting capabilities.

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