HMS Shared Server Outage: Maryland

::Final Update::

The server has been stably up since 8 am June 4 with no further issues.

:: Update 9:20pm ::

You may continue to see intermittent issues with this server.  Our Datacenter Operations and Platform teams are continuing to monitor the server and perform needed maintenance.

:: Update 5:20pm ::

The server is now back up and running properly, and sites are back up. Please let us know if you still experiencing any issues with your site. Thank you!

:: Original Post ::

We’re currently experiencing an outage on Windows server Maryland. Our Datacenter Operations team is actively working on this as a top priority and hope to have it resolved shortly. If you’re hosted on this server and your site is down, please check this blog post for any updates — which will be posted promptly as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

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