HostMySite Customer Control Panel Issues

:::::UPDATE @ 1:50pm on August 18, 2015:::::

To provide another update: the issue is still not fully resolved. Some customers will continue to be missing tabs or seeing tabs they don’t expect. This remains a priority issue and we will continue to post updates as available. Thank you.


:::::UPDATE @ 11:00am on August 17, 2015:::::

The issues with missing tabs is still being worked on by our System Administrators. Many users may be missing tabs in their control panel — specifically Help & Support, Plesk, and Email tabs. We appreciate your patience and will continue to work on this until all tabs are restored. Thank you.


:::::UPDATE @ 5:30pm on August 14, 2015:::::

All Control Panel features should now work properly for the majority of users. Some lingering minor issues are still being addressed that affect a limited number of users. We appreciate your patience while the Control Panel is repaired to 100% health. When the remaining issues are resolved, we will post a final update on this blog. Thank you.



:::::UPDATE @ 3:00pm on August 14, 2015:::::

At this time, all functionality to the Customer Control Panel has been restored, with the exception of the More Services tab. We are continuing to work until all remaining issues are cleared. Thank you for your patience!


:::::UPDATE @ 10:30am on August 14, 2015:::::

A ticket was opened with the Vendor to resolve issues with the missing Tabs within the Customer Control Panel. We will continue to update this blog post with updates as we receive them. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may be causing. This is our top priority.

We are currently experiencing some issues with the Customer Control Panel after updates that were installed last night. For example, you may be missing some tabs. Our System Administrators are working to correct the issues as soon as possible to restore the Control Panel to full functionality. Please check back on this blog post for any updates. Thanks for your patience!

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