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Why VPS? If you’re running a small, growing online business, or developing applications, hosting on VPS gives you an extra dimension of enhanced performance through more CPU, RAM, and Storage resources. VPS environments are isolated, so you cannot be impacted by another site’s resources or coding. The base VPS operating systems—Windows or Linux—are also managed/patched/upgraded by HostMySite. As your business grows, you can instantly scale up resources—processing power, memory, and storage— through the convenience of your HostMySite control panel. Order through HostMySite’s VPS Server page Now! 

Why Dedicated Server? For developers, or businesses, that need full control of a single physical server with access to all its resources down to the root of the operating system. Dedicated Server hosting typically provides the most computing power of any hosting option. As Dedicated Servers do not share space or resources with other client applications, this can yield greater performance and safeguards for security-minded organizations.Order through HostMySite’s Dedicated Server page Now!

Why WordPress? WordPress is a world-leading Content Mangement System (CMS) and used as the backbone for literally millions of websites and blogs around the world. HostMySite provides three unique WordPress plans that are actually hosted on a VPS! These WordPress plans allow for managing multiple WordPress sites from a single control panel with the benefit of enhanced security. Order through HostMySite’s WordPress page Now!

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