Customer Spotlight: Your Tech Tamer

Your Tech Tamer

We’re nothing without our customers at HostMySite – and we’ve got some of the best around.  Today, we’re highlighting Sandra Clitter and Your Tech Tamer:

Your Name:

 Sandra Clitter


Your Tech Tamer

Tell us a little more about your company. What product/service do you provide?

Your Tech Tamer helps companies leverage the data that already exists within their business by making the information ‘one-buttonable’.  YTT also assists with improving business processes, so that the computer systems already in the business are actually working FOR the business, as opposed to people working FOR the computer systems!  This can include sharing data between back-office systems, or gathering/posting information on the web (data-driven websites).

What services do you receive from HostMySite?

Web hosting, blogging platforms, databases, email hosting (including that all-important Spam filtering) – not only for our own site/email, but also for many of our clients.

How long have you been a HostMySite Customer?

Longer than I can remember…does 2007 sound right?

What is your website and why did you choose HostMySite for your web hosting?

We had been hosting our website with one of the ‘other guys’ from 1998 until the mid-2000’s (that’s like 1000 years in tech-time!).  When we needed to construct a large, data-driven website, we needed a company who could host/maintain databases, in addition to, static web pages.  Most companies back then couldn’t accommodate our needs or charged too much.  HostMySite could provide the services we needed at a reasonable price.  Additionally, HMS had the advantage of being a local company (we’re just over the PA border), and the help desk was not staffed overseas, but staffed right here in the USA.

We probably switched because the tools we needed were available through HostMySite, but we have STAYED because of the service.  That said, the prices are also competitive (in fact, the pricing has gotten better over the years)!

When one calls HMS, you ALWAYS get a friendly voice.  Wait times are (typically) very short.  Responses are quick and accurate.  The HMS team is an extension of your own staff/personnel.  They want you to succeed!

What have been your challenges with your website  and what advice can you give other companies to overcome those challenges?

Keeping up with new technologies…we say that and WE’RE A TECH COMPANY!!!!

Things are always changing and evolving.  Remembering to check out the new things that are available and figuring out which clients (or ourselves) would best benefit from those new technologies (if anyone would – just because it is AVAILABLE, doesn’t mean it MUST be used).  Don’t necessarily rush to adopt something new just because everyone else is doing it, if it really doesn’t solve a problem for YOU.  Rent the scars from early adopters, rather than getting the scars yourself.  We’re not afraid to wait until a technology “matures” a bit before recommending it.

Any final thoughts to add?

I had the privilege of getting a tour of the HMS data center a year or so ago.  It was fascinating, fun and IMPRESSIVE.  I even got to ‘visit’ the shared-server that houses our website.  Saw a few of my client’s servers along the way, as well.  The security and complexity was impressive.  Putting faces to the names of people we have spoken to over the years was terrific.

HMS gives personal service, yet it is a large company with the associated resources…what could be better for the customer!?  That truly came to light during the visit.  Can’t wait to see how the new expansion turned out.


Thank you, Sandra!

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