HostMySite to
Change Issue Tracking System
on May 2, 2016

Passphrases to be Implemented

HostMySite is changing our issue tracking system on May 2nd, 2016.

We are moving to the Oracle Service Cloud incident management system, known as RightNow. We are taking advantage of this change to implement new security procedures that will ensure there is no unauthorized access to your account.

One of these security changes is to restrict trouble ticket submission to verified communication channels only. This means that trouble tickets will only be able to be opened through the following methods:

  • the support section in the Customer Control Panel
  • The support chat link within the Customer Control Panel
  • by calling the HostMySite support team and providing your passphrase over the phone

Please note that emailing support directly will no longer allow you to open a ticket. However, once a ticket is opened, you will be able to provide updates by email.

We understand this is a big change, and want to explain why we are making it:

  • This will add better security for your account. Logging into the Customer Control Panel or providing the passphrase over the phone ensures that you are verified the moment the ticket is created, and eliminates the need for us to request verification from you so that we can get started on your issue right away.
  • The ticket submission workflow will change once we are on the new ticketing system. You will no longer need to provide your email address or other information because RightNow will already know it, since you are logged into the control panel.
    You will not be asked to verify your identity any longer when submitting a ticket through the control panel since your identity will already be verified.
  • A mobile version of the control panel / ticket submission is on RightNow’s roadmap, so as soon as they release the functionality, we will work to implement it in our system.

Please make sure that you have a Customer Control Panel user for all contacts that are authorized to make tickets for your organization.
If your Control Panel users will be contacting us by phone, please make sure that you also have a passphrase configured for that contact.

Please review the following HostMySite support articles that explain:

Need More Advice? Please Call HostMySite Support at 1.877.215.4678

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