Scheduled Maintenance: HostMySite Phone Systems

Date and Time of Maintenance:
Thursday, 08/30/2018 04:00AM EDT (GMT -4) — 09:00AM EDT (GMT -4)

Description: During this scheduled maintenance, HostMySite will be migrating to a new phone system.

Locations Affected: All locations

Impact: There may be periods during this migration where some phone communications could be interrupted or unavailable.

If you are unable to contact HostMySite via our regular phone numbers during the migration, please use the following temporary numbers to contact us:

HostMySite Main: 970-623-7554
HMS Support: 970-776-8557
HMS Billing: 970-776-8556
HMS Sales: 970-776-8553

Please note that these temporary numbers will not be active until the migration begins, and will be removed after the migration ends.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about this notification, please create a support ticket through your customer control panel.

The HostMySite Team

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