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What is a Passphrase and How is it Used?
Your passphrase is a unique word or short phrase you make up and save into your HostMySite Control Panel as a means of secure account verification. When you call into HostMySite for Technical Support or Billing, you will be asked to provide your passphrase to verify that you are indeed the manager of your account.

Using the passphrase removes the need for you to verify with a complex password or fumble for those last four digits on the credit card.

There are no restrictions on what you can use for creating your passphrase. Although you can use a single word, we recommend you submit a short phrase that will be easy for you to remember, but not easy for others to guess. Do not share your passphrase! Only provide your passphrase to the HostMySite Customer Service Representative when asked!

Passphrase examples:

maple walnut ice cream
david bowie rocks
purple rain
I like bacon
coffee all day
boston baked beans
game of thrones
pluto is a planet

If You Forget or Want to Change Your Passphrase
Once entered into the Control Panel your passphrase is not viewable nor can it be retrieved. If you forget it or want to change it, just log back into your Control Panel, select the Help & Support tab, select the Passphrase option, and enter a new one. Once saved, it will only be viewable by a HostMySite Customer Service Representative for verification purposes.

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