IQComputing – Week 2 Light Up The Cloud Winner!

Congratulations to IQComputing, the Week 2 Winner of the HostMySIte Light Up The Cloud Sweeps! They’ve won a shiny new Surface 2 from Microsoft and chance to win the grand prize of $10,000 in Windows Cloud Hosting!

IQComputing is located in St. Louis, Missouri and works with business owners to develop a complete suite of solutions that have the most impact on business.  From web design and SEO to brochures and catalogs, they’re a complete small business solution.  Check them out at and see their entry below:

 “A top St. Louis custom web development firm with over 15 years of experience, IQComputing provides customers with cutting-edge, reliable solutions to address unique small business development needs. Our expert team provides top-down support for every layer of applications that we design and develop including email, infrastructure, and other backend services.


As part of our long-term campaign to continue rolling out solid services backed by dedicated and cloud hosting platforms, customers benefit from the experience, robust network design, and excellent support at the data center level which has proven crucial to supporting a reliable hosting environment that exceeds customer expectations.


By making virtualized services in the cloud part of this product roadmap will IQComputing to accomplish this even faster with the ability to almost instantly deploy new cloud instances and help customers save on costs when compared to traditional Cloud/VPS flavors.”


Want to get $10,000 in FREE cloud hosting to get your big idea off the ground?  Enter Now! 

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