Latinas Take Charge – Week 3 Light Up The Cloud Winner!

A big congrats to Latinas Take Charge – our Week 3 Winner!

This worthy organization empowers Latinas around the world to recognize their full potential.  Their entry to the contest says it all:

“Our organization is Latinas Take Charge. Our vision is to empower Latinas around the world. Latinas are the largest female minority group in the United States. Numbering over 25 million, one out of every five women in America is Latino. Most projections state by 2060 Latinas will be more than 30% of the female US population. Unfortunately, this is also the group with the least personal, political, and economic power. They have great untapped talent and strength; however, the majority of Latinas have been taught that their cultural traditions are sacred and should not be questioned. The bulk of these women are not aware how these traditions limit them in so many aspects of their lives.

Latinas Take Charges was created to help these millions of women recognize their full potential. It provide these women a different point of view from a successful Latina who openly and honestly discusses issues such as shame, sexuality, mental health, and the idea of equality as a birthright. Using her dramatic stories of tragedy and triumph, Natalia Gamarra confronts many Latino issues like religion, family culture and self-esteem that until now have not been discussed candidly. Utilizing seminars, workshops, and educational classes, Natalia helps Latinas recognize the negative forces in their lives and teaches them methods of empowering themselves to overcome these forces.

With $10,000.00 of cloud services we would use it to further our vision of empowering Latinas, and support Latina entrepreneurs who want to start businesses and create online web presences.”

Follow their progress and find out more about them on Twitter!

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