Email Server Maintenance:
IP Address Changes

During a recent audit, our Platform and Network Operations teams have determined that some IP address changes need to be made to 3 email servers: hms-mail005, dirge, and hardhead. The following changes will be implemented between 2AM and 6AM EDT on July 9, 2015:

The following IP addresses will be removed and replaced:

These changes will only affect you if you currently connect to your email server directly at one of these IP addresses. Instead, you should connect using the correct email server hostname below:

For hms-mail005, connect to:
For hardhead, connect to:
For dirge, connect to

If you’re currently using any of the IP addresses above, to avoid service disruption, make sure your email programs, mobile apps, and (if applicable) website scripts connect to your mail server using the correct hostname.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Support at 1-877-215-4678 or submit a ticket in your Control Panel at Thank you!

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