Login Issues with
Win-mail05 and Win-mail06

::: Update: 2:30pm EDT 7/23/2015 :::

Most of the missing domains have been reloaded into SmarterMail. If you still cannot log in, please wait and try again periodically, or feel free to contact Support.

To ensure the stability of these 2 servers moving forward, we’ll be performing chkdsk scans on all the server drives. This will check the integrity of each drive thoroughly, but requires the servers to be offline. The scans will take place during the maintenance window of 2am to 6am EDT for the next few nights. During this time, email services may be unavailable on both win-mail05 and win-mail06.

::: Update: 10:55am EDT 7/23/2015 :::

The fix has completed for win-mail06 also. At this point, most email users on both mail servers should be able to login with their original passwords. There are however some lingering issues where some domains are apparently missing from SmarterMail. In these cases, no data is lost; they just have to be properly loaded into SmarterMail. If you still cannot log in, please contact Support so we can check for your domain. We will continue to work on these remaining items and post updates to this blog. Thank you for your patience.

::: Update: 10:20am EDT 7/23/2015 :::

The fix has completed for win-mail05. All email users on win-mail05 should be able to log in with their original password. If you have any lingering issues, please contact Support. Our System Administrators are continuing to work on win-mail06. Users on win-mail06 will continue to have issues logging in until this is completed.

::: Update: 9:55am EDT 7/23/2015 :::

Our System Administrators are currently performing a fix that should restore the passwords for all users. The fix requires that email service be down on each server while the fix is implemented. We will update this blog shortly with another update.

::: Original Post: 8:30am EDT 7/23/2015 :::

What is the problem?

During email server maintenance last night, we experienced a problem with 2 of our shared email servers: win-mail05.safesecureweb.com and win-mail06.safesecureweb.com. As a result, email users are currently unable to log in to their email accounts through webmail, programs like Outlook, or mail apps on mobile devices.

Our System Administrators are working to restore logins for these mail servers with the highest priority. There’s currently no ETA on a resolution but updates will be posted to this blog article as they become available.

You can fix your login yourself without waiting!

If you want to resolve this yourself, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Control Panel ( https://my.HostMySite.com ).
  2. Click on the Email tab at the top of the Control Panel.
  3. Click on the account name that’s not working.
  4. Click Show Password.
  5. Highlight the password and copy it.
  6. Click Edit Settings.
  7. Type or paste the password that you copied from step 5.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Log in to the webmail interface.

If you don’t have these options or don’t see any users in the Email tab of the Control Panel, please contact Support so they can assist with resetting the password for that account.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we resolve this matter as quickly as possible!

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