VPS Server Outage: H222412-13

== Update 11:51am, November 24, 2015 ==

Performance issues on VPSs on H222412-13 will be found at this time.  This is due to backups that failed to complete overnight now attempting to complete all at once.  The backups will need to run until completion which will, then, restore performance for all VPSs.  These can be found in the customer control panel under the Server Management and Scheduled Backups.

We thank you for your patience.

== Update 9:51am, November 24, 2015 ==

The VPS node H222412-13 is now online and running.  VPSs on the node are now coming back online.  If you have any issues with your VPS, please attempt a restart of the VPS from the customer control panel under the Server Management tab as this will resolve most issues.  Any further issues, please contact our support team at 1-877-215-4678.

We thank you for your patience.

== Original Post 8:17am, November 24, 2015 ==

The shared VPS node H22412-13 is currently experiencing an outage that may last a few hours this morning. The server is currently performing a file system check to verify the integrity of the data on the server’s hard drives. If you are hosted on this server and your site is down, please check this blog post for any updates.

If you want to contact Support, you can call us at 1-877-215-4678 or submit a ticket in your Control Panel at https://my.hostmysite.com. Thank you for your patience!


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